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Dynadot Discount Hacks For Extra Savings

  • Check the Great Sales this Month section on Dynadot.com to see all of the latest ways to save on domain name registration.
  • You can use Dynadot’s free website builder to save on design costs with your domain. The builder is included with all new customer accounts.
  • Use Dynadot’s auction platform to find expired domains that are selling at a discount. You can normally save up to 35% by using the auction platform to purchase recently expired domains.
  • Purchase a long-term hosting contract from Dynadot to save on the monthly subscription price of VPS and SSL services. Yearly subscription prices usually offer best the deal.

Does Dynadot Have A Refund Policy?

Dynadot offers an extremely generous “Grace Deletion Period” that you can use to get a refund on qualifying domain names. You have up to five days, starting from the time that you purchase your domain, to request a refund of your registration fees. Each top-level domain name comes with its own specific grace period, and you may be charged a nominal deletion fee for using the refund policy. The .com domain name, for example, comes with a 118-hour refund window and a $3 deletion fee. Any deletion fees are automatically deducted from the amount of your refund.

How Do You Reach Dynadot Customer Support?

Dynadot customer support is available from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. PST on Monday through Sunday. To speak with support toll-free from the United States, you can reach them at (866) 262-3399. In addition, customer support at Dynadot typically responds to emails in under 12 hours. If you would like to reach support by email, it’s best to use the contact form on Dynadot.com. If you have specific questions on hosting or domain registration services, then you can also speak with support by live chat on Dynadot.com.

About Dynadot

An eye-catching domain name can help your business stand out among the crowd, and nobody is more qualified to help you register your perfect web address than Dynadot. Founded in California at the height of the first internet boom, Dynadot has grown to serve customers in more than 100 countries around the globe. Whether you’re looking to register your first web site or you need more advanced hosting services for your business, Dynadot makes it easy to optimize your digital presence.